•  Deposit for a Half Grass Fed Beef - July 2019

This is the deposit to reserve your half Grass Fed Beef.  This deposit will go toward the total cost of your beef, $6.49/Pound.  

The balance of the payment will be due before pickup and is estimated between $948 and $1273.  We will email you an invoice for your balance which you can pay by credit card or check.

You will have a 2 week window to pickup from Smuckers Meats in Mount Joy.  Estimated pickup window is July 10 - 31 2019.  You will get a call from us or Smuckers Meats when your order is ready for pickup.

Why Buy Our Grass Fed and Finished Beef?

  • Availability: many local farmers have waiting lists.
  • Our cattle are grass-fed and finished.  Learn More
  • Clean eating: we do not spray our pastures.
  • Diversity of forage: our cattle get access to a wide diversity of pasture plants for maximum nutrition.
  • Great price!  Save money by buying in bulk.
  • Cattle raised on grass are environmentally friendlyLearn More
  • Ease of order and payment: you pay for the packaged product you receive and there are no additional butchering costs.

Deposit for a Half Grass Fed Beef - July 2019

  • Availability: In Stock
  • $350.00